After a trial packing two weeks ago we were a bit afraid. We already knew that we would not be able to achieve our ambitious plan to take only three big pieces of luggage (including the backpack of Max) and two small backpacks. If we would do so, we would not have any shoes, no drugs, nor a lot of other needed things. Looking at the stuff to pack up we were afraid, however, that one extra suitcase would not be enough. But we succeeded! One trolley, two big backpacks, one for Max and two day packs.

It was not easy. First we wanted to pack our clothes for about two weeks. Max’ clothes would even fit – into one of our backpacks. Okay, we’re reducing. We had wardrobe for 7-8 days now. We will use the washing machine more often. But even after reducing the count of pieces it was still not enough. We still needed shoes, drugs, textbooks, chargers, towels, dusters, etc. with us. So, we got a suitcase from attic. We like it because it is big and you can put a lot of things in it. And now we did it.  Before, I had to say goodbye to my favorite pair of shoes and some other things. We hope that during travel we will find out, what do we really need. Fortunately, we all read books on kindle (electronic reader), so we do not have to bring literature with us. Now when we are ready – we don’t  know what to do with the time 😉  Buenos Aires, we are arriving!