Buenos Aires, Argentina

Finally we are on the road, starting in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We started our around-the-world-trip May 30th with an almost 14 hours flight.

Here we rented an apartment for almost two weeks and started to explore the city. Our apartment is located in Palermo area – a better area of Buenos Aires about 8-10 Subway Stations from old downtown.

In Palermo there are a lot of restaurants, bars, coffeeshops, and it reminds me of Rome. A lot of small shops, graffiti, poor maintained sidewalks – since we love Rome, we have to love Palermo, Buenos Aires, too.

Impressions from Palermo:

Public Transport consists of Subway and many busses. Finding the Subway is mostly quite easy, but finding bus stations can be quite difficult. In addition you have to tell the driver where you are planing to get off the bus – not so easy because there are no written plans of the bus lines. You are lost if you are not having one of the mobile apps telling you where the busses drive along.

The next pictures shows the different bus stop 😉 :

We also hat a short visit to old downtown – it remembers to downtowns of cities like Vienna, London or other european cities.

Today – it is Sunday – we will go to visit the antic flea market.