Buenes Aires – we are not sure what we should think about

We where a while in Buenes Aires and never I was so hard for us to deccied if we like this city or not.
There are cities wie love: Vienna, Rome, Berlin, London, and many others and there are cities we
do not like at all: Agra, Philadelphia and others.

Of course there are very beautiful locations.

The city center around Plaza de Mayo consists of very interesting and imposing buildings – even if there are some ugly new buildings.

Especially San Telmo during the weekend market is very beautiful. On Plaza Dorrego can you see Tango Shows and sitting in Café Dorrego looking onto the plaza is a very nice break. If you preferre, there is also a Starbucks.

Tango is real important in Argentinia. It is very passionate celebrated and can be found everywhere.
Also La Boca is worth comming there – even if the painted houses are more or less two blocks. There is nothing else around.

The cemetery in Recoleta is worth visiting but the “street of beautiful houses” does have only a handful interesting buldings like vatican embassy.

And of course, there is a china town – as usual in big cities around the world. But it is quite small, only 1-2 streets / 3-4 blocks.

Palermo, where we had our apartment remembers to Romes outlying districts, but Rome is much more beautiful. The sidewalk looks often like a crater. Many buildings fall into disrepair. Of course there are also nice streets like Fitz Roy, but there are also a lot of ugly new residential towers – charming like old Eastern Block buildings. Here you can find a lot of bars and restaurants – most are very good, but not all.

There are many parks around mostly crowded on weekends. The Zoo was closed 2016 and will be converted to an Eco-Park – it is open only on weekends at the moment. Also the Planetarium gets renovated right now. There are many construction sites all over the city but is look like the start working everywhere but not completing the work – we have not seen many workers.

The boulevard Av. 9 del Jujio, where you find an Obelisk, gets ruined by very ugly buildings which were build the last 100 years. Often you can see a old beautiful building surrounded by ugly new ones.

The public transport (bus and tube) are very good. There is only one problem – there are districts like Palermo – where you have to know where the busses stops. There are often no sign, nothing which tells you, that this is a busstop. The drivers generates tension, crossing the crossroads by red. Often stop with an emergency break and squeeze between wherever it is possible. The traffic remembers to cairo or similar cities.
Over all: We can not really deccied if we like the city or not. If we would have known before, we would only stay some few days.