Manaus – a big city in the center of the jungle

It is hot! It is damp! The sun burns relentlessly. Almost every day at least one rain shower.
Welcome to Manaus in the middle of the jungle!

This is probably the reason why the facades of the houses are often massively weathered.
There are several older colonial buildings (1800s to 1900s) and between them there are all possible houses – some of them remembers to the favelas in Rio.

The first attraction we visit was a tiny museum which shows culture and sportiv activities of the locals. There was no entrance fee, the guard was happy that there where coming three people at once. We had to write our names into a guestbook – today we where the first who come to the museum. Yesterday was only one from italy here.
Nevertheless, it is quite interesting and above all the museum has air-conditions everywhere.

Next stop: Theatro Amazonas. It was build by rich rubber farmers in the early 180x. Actually the start 1801 but the had to wait for imported construction material until 1804 befor they where able to continue!

The place in front of the theatre is nice, most buildings are renovated and there are some quite nice locals.

After lunch we went to the zoo. It is a special zoo maintained by brasil military. It was founded by Col Jorge Teixeira and shows only animals from the amazonas. The zoo is surround by military and jungle.