Oase Huacachina

Today we stay in an oasis where less than 100 people lives – and felt like 5000 tourists.

As you can see on the map, there is practically only a fortified promenade and a street. Here, hotels and hostels line up (much more than the map indicates – presumably to the 20), so that the tourists get somewhere to sleep.

The oasis is very nice and easy to round in 15 minutes. It is surrounded by high, impressive sand dunes.

As a bonus, we joined a buggy drive thought the dunes and Max could slip on a surfboard head advance of some of them down.

Kasia: I did not 🙁 I was able to find a chiroparactician with a witch’s shot, a buggy through the dunes or runsurfing: forbidden, heavy lifting: forbidden, after all, it was a professional practice and the treatment helped Had to make all sorts of information about my health – in Spanish …

During the trip we had to hold on – photos were unfortunately not possible.

Finally, the sunset.