Lake Titikaka (Puno)

It starts quite chaotic – seems to be some kind of peruan way of life?! We waited from 6:45am to 7:15am befor a lady of the tour organizer appeared.
We had to follow here to a park two blocks away and had to wait there while she was picking up other customers. Then we got catched up by a minibus which continue driving around catching up more customers.

Arriving at harbor it got not better. We had to wait a while for an allocation to a boat. While waiting a musician appeared who was playing two short songs and starts collecting money…

With almost an hour’s delay, we started off towards Islas Los Uros – the floating islands. There are about 90 islands, on each lives between 5 to 10 families live. All together something over 2000 inhabitants.

We went on an island and were warmly welcomed by the families. Then there was an optional ride – of course, extra charge – on a reed boat. Who not participate had to wait in the meantime.

After the trip we were told how to build an islands What in the explanation was only a few minutes, in reality takes 1-2 years. The island have to be reconstructed every 30 years and then the families have to relocate to a new island.

We were also able to visit the huts. Small, about 20 squere meter have to be enough for a whole family! Afterwards we were offering souvenirs. Kasia and Max could not resist šŸ˜‰ !

Afterwards, we drove two hours to the island of Taquille – most of our fellow travelers (and also Kasia) slept.

Taquille is a island where still progeny of Inca live. Nowerdays the island is absolutely oriented at tourism.
From the port in the bay it is about 45 minutes uphill to the market place with some houses around. They performed a dance there. After that we went a few minutes to a restaurant where we got a very moderate food. After that we had a hike across the island to another bay where the boat was waited for us. Of course, the return trip takes also about two hours.

My impression: Puno itself was – as far as we have seen it – not really interesting. Yes, there are church and some nice places around, but compared with Lima or Cusco, Puno can not keep up. Everything is focused on boat trips. Life only takes place around the harbor.

The Islas Los Uros are definitely worth the trip. It is simply an experience. Walking on the island remembers walking on a trampoline. Also the trip with the reed boat was worth it.
Visiting Taquille – which takes 6 hours – is not worth it, if you have seen Cusco already!

Lake Titikaka (translated as it is either the leaden rock or gray Puma or Puma rock) itself is very beautiful. Usually there arenĀ“t any waves and the ride on it is pleasant. Yes, it is great to have seen the highest lake in the world, but it is not really spectacular.

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