Very Large Telescope

It is almost two hours from Antofagasta to the VLT of ESO. We have been there on time and showed up the registrations.

At 10:00 we were admitted – and 50-60 others too! We all took the privat cars and have to park again at the Visitor Center.
The most important there where the toilets! A long queue build up to visit them. After a while a short film about the ESO and the VLT where shown.

Next stop – the hotel. This is where the astronomers stay during there projects at the VLT.

Then, finally – we go to the telescopes! Impressive how big they are. We were allowed to visit the third (of 4) telescope during the guided tour and the technology was explained to us.

Afterwards the command center was on the program. There was not much to see, it was more or less a normal office with many PCs.

Unfortunately, the tour was over with a final pit stop at the Visitor Center.