Auckland – New Zealand

We start our Tip trough New Zealand in Auckland. It is a beautiful city – to be honest, we only saw the city center area – and we enjoyed being here.
After typical “todo’s” like organizing SIM Cards we also visit the automobile club for a temporary membership since we will go with a camper all over the two islands.

Some impressions from our walk trough the city.

First impression of Auckland: beautiful, clean, well maintened and cosy. Many restaurants – of course also a lot of fast food ones – most where Asian.

After our bad experiences regarding service quality during our stay in Samoa, we where impressed by the perfect service everywhere (shops, restaurants, hotel,…).

Since we where not able to go to cinemas the last months, we tried to cure our “Cinema withdrawal phenomenon” by seeing several movies more or less in a row.
The cinema starts at 10:00 AM every day! There are no ticket counters – you buy the tickets either online (which actually costs more than “offline”!) or at the food counter.

Another thing we had to do was visiting the Skytower to see Auckland from above.

Than we visit MOTAT – Museum of Transport and Technology – which was and impressing experience.

Than we go with an historic tram to the Aviation Museum (belongs to MOTAT).

The Aviation Museum was a old hangar with a lot of original and also some replica airplains.

Another must do – at least for our little one – the Zoo! It was nice planed and well maintained but the animals seems to play hide and seek… Often we where not able to see them…