New Zealand South Island

Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers
The two glaciers lie side by side and have shrunk massively in the last 100 years.
There is a board at Franz Josef’s Glacier that says that the glacier reached this point in 1867 – today you go for 45 minutes and still is not quite at the beginning of the ice field!

The path leads through a forest and along the river, which is fed by the glacier and some springs.

At some point you see him then ..

Kasia and Max went further and I went back…

Fox Glacier has a hiking trail and a scenic trail – we took the scenic trail.
This leads 15 minutes through the jungle! Almost more interesting than the view to the glacier …

The Fox Glacier can be seen from far.

Then we continued south – with a short stretch of ocean.

Through an area that could be down to the ferns in the Alps.

Only when we come to the lakes Lake Wanaka and Hawea, we are rewarded with new views.

Since the weather forecast was bad, we deccide not to go further to the south – I will not make sense visit fjords while it is foggy and cloudy.

Wanaka National Transport Museum

The name does not quite fit. The museum is located at the airport and is spread over several former airports.

The entrance area consists of a toy store with many “old” toys – as it was in the 60s, 70s and 80s to buy. In between you will also find current toys – mostly with the theme of transport or military.

In the first hall you can find a lot of different toys and of course Star Wars;)

In between vehicles – especially cars, but also many other things like motorcycles, fire engines, airplanes, …

But it’s not that all vehicles fit in the hangars …

… and then there is a lot to admire.

The museum is a dream for big and small children – an absolute must!

Clay Cliffs
During lunch, Kasia bought some postcards in the restaurant shop.
On one were very beautiful cliffs to see, but we did not look where they are (was written on the postcard).
On the way to Christchurch, we saw a sign “Clay Cliffs 10km” and we turned on good luck.
After a few kilometers was then a sign that the cliffs on private land and you should pay for the transit / donate – what we have of course.

This was the reward:

The pictures do not do justice to the sight in the least! Just breathtaking! This sight is worth the small detour in any case.

If you go on, you come to a narrow passage. Behind it hides a natural wonder!

We stood in a kind of cathedral made of rocks, fantastically beautiful! It was one of the most wonderful experiences of the journey so far.

What we learned about the south island:

  • It makes no sense going there if you not have at lease 14 days to spend!
  • Drive clockwise so it will be easier to stop at sight seeing points
  • Or spent a lot of money for helicopter or airplain flights…