Of course you can not miss the capital. The city has been built in the last 100 years. When the town was named a compromise capital, there were less than 2.000 people living in the area! Today there are over 350.000!

The city is spacious – sightseeing is only possible by car. Most buildings are beautiful and interesting. Also exciting is the separation into “official” city (most official institutions) and the “city” to life. The two districts are separated by an artificial lake. Other districts are scattered around, separated by large green areas.

The city is worth a visit in any case.

National Museum of Australia

The National Museum of Australia in Canberra looks exciting from the outside.

The entrance is indeed free, but for special exhibitions, videos and the headphones you have to pay. The headphones you can be saved if you download the app “The Loop Audio Guide” and bring your own headphones.
A little tip: You can also watch the app without going to the museum – it is quite well done and provides an overview of the exhibition!

The Museum is divided into different sections and deals only with Australia: from the Aboriginal settlement to the white settlers, the problems with the imported animals and plants up to current topics (about until 2008, but it is being “updated”) ,

It starts with “Old New Land”.

The platypus, which irritated the scientists for a long time – it is an egg-laying mammal!

The Tasmanian Tiger – unfortunately already extinct (the reasons where the imported dogs and the white settlers). Ironically, the tiger was placed under species protection that year, when the last one died in a zoo …

It continues with “Landmarks” – the settlement.

Afterwards the culture of the Aborigines is shown but also their treatment by the white settlers – unfortunately not exactly a glorious chapter that would go beyond the scope of the blog.

There was a lot more to see – we did not manage to see everything (we were inside for over 6 hours!). Also interesting for children!

Telstra Tower
The tower is a transmission tower with viewing platform.

The tower is not that high either – you only get a little over 60 meters high. Luckily he is standing on a hill and that’s the way to see something.

As obvious as the tower, you will not notice it otherwise, but Canberra is a bigger nest (a smaller town). Only here do you notice how oversized the public facilities are in relation to the “city”.

Another highlight is the “highest mailbox in Canberra”.

Of course we had to use this right now! In the small shop, we bought a postcard write and post it immediately!