about us


We are a family – two adults and one kid. We like to travel (Ok, Kasia is crazy for traveling), and now we are planning our world trip, the first (perhaps not the last one).

We are Chris, Kasia and Max. We want to blog on this site our experiences and everything that happened to us. Of course, we also want to answer the most important question, which, why, what, where and other “W” words.

Why Now

Apart from the fact that we like to travel, we do not want to miss the best time for a trip around the world with our kid. Max we have already stuck with our travel fever. He is now old enough to remember the journeys. But not to old to that education gets to stressful during the journy. In addition we whare able to take a sabbatical leave without worry about our jobs (good employees and colleagues are everything!).

How to travel

We are probably already “too spoiled” to be pure backpackers – even if we will try going only with backpacks we probably will not get along. The trip we have only roughly planned, only the long flights (Around-The-World-Flugticket) are fixed. For each country we have a list of sights that we would like to see – whether we can make it or not is written on another page…

Why this blog / this homepage

Because we had a lot of reading during the preparation (travel guides, travel blogs, travel books …), but what we wanted to know was nowhere to be answered completely. We hope we can do it better – let’s see ;-).

In the end there are also other important points: We want to be able to remember our journey at any time and keep our friends and family up to date.

Why a world trip at all

Because we would never ever see and experience everything with normal journeys. Also the world trip is just a drop on a hot stone – there is simply too much world and too little time.

Because we need a time-out and want to escape the everyday life.

Because we want to spend time as a family, there is not enough time in everyday life.

more detailed

The german version of our sites is the primary site – for the url see imprint. We will translate only some of our blogs and we will use translation services with a little working over.