test packing

Packing for a world trip is a problem. On the one hand you must have something to put on, on the other hand the luggage is very limited.
We know statements like “Clothes can be bought on the road!”, But only for “normal” sized people. If your clothes size is a little, it becomes difficult.
If you have wide feet or similar, it will be difficult to find something suitable event at home!

We would like to have enough clothing for the beach (swimwear), the jungle (droughtclothes), the mountains (high altitude with more than 4000m), festive occasions (Christmas and New Year we plan to in better hotels, where we can’t show up with drought clothes for dinner) etc. Of course, some other stuff must be taken along with the clothes. For example medication, insect protection, photocamera, notebook, mobile phones, various chargers, headlights, etc.

With the rehearsal, we also wanted to verify that we did not have anything to worry about. So we put everything we “absolutely” want to take with us on the bed and tried to put it into our three backpacks. After only a short time we realized that the “14 days of clothing” recommended for longer trips will never fit into the backpacks! So the first reduction round starts: everyone takes clothes for 7-8 days plus the warm things for the mountains. With the help of special “let the air out of the clothes” bags (vacuum bags) you can often reduce shirts and jackets to less than 1/3 the original size. Half an hour stuffing, squeezing, annoying and thinking later: We really put the clothes in the backpacks !! We are happy!

Then we look at the bed, with a lot things not yet taken: shoes, medication, electronic devices, hygiene articles, insect spray … Say: “everything else is still on bed”. Since we have already assumed that we will still need a suitcase, the shock still does not sit so deeply. We start putting everything into the suitcase. Stupidly, the hiking shoes are quite clumsy and without we will get a problem in Peru and Chile. Small parts can be put into the shoes – but the rest?

We still have a few days to find a solution (omit things). Exciting then it will be in two weeks – what can really be taken by us?