Santiago de Chile

El Golf Area

This is the nice neighborhood where we stay in Santiago, but we had raining the first days.

After the sun finally returned, we took a walk around our quarters.

The area is characterized by many high-rise buildings, both with apartments and offices.

In the morning, the streets were as extinct. Shortly before 13:00 we went to eat at “Da Dino” – the place was almost empty.

10 minutes later there was no more space left – we just arrived in time.
When we were back on the street the pavements were crowded. Apparently all have lunch between 13:00 and 15:00. When the many thousands of people who work in an office building suddenly pound on the streets, it becomes really tight …


The center of Santiago is somewhat “different”. In addition to beautiful “old” houses you will find modern office towers, some shabby residential buildings and many car parks – some with more than 10 floors!

In between you will find very beautiful churches.

The central Plaza Armas …

… and parks like the Japanese Garden (those in Buenos Aires and La Serena were much nicer).

Away from the center we looked at the corner of Paris and London (two streets), where unfortunately only in the adjoining blocks very nice old buildings to be found.

There are many streets (and metro) musicians as well as artists.

Partially very special!

Lastly: It needs to get used to, this mixture of old and new, beautiful and ugly (10-storey car parks next to beautiful old houses).

Yes, Santiago has its own charm – it pleases and much better than Buenos Aires!

Something else: The Metro! It is modern, fast, clean and incredibly cheap! A trip for us three did not cost 2000 pesos (barely 3 euros) with single tickets. In Vienna you pay more than double this price …

But you can not expect any escalators! They just not exist.

Santiago Barrio Bellavista

Today was our last trip to Santiago (tomorrow will be wash clothing and packed).
Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy at first, which had a massive impact on the sight of Cerro San Cristobal.
In order to get to the hill, we drove with an oblique glider.

The view was unfortunately really modest.

Afterwards, we walked through Bellavista and found many, many graffiti – Kasia was very excited.

We liked Santiago very much. The apartment was very nice. “El Golf” is a beautiful area.