Boliva was only a stop on or way to chile. In our initial planing we thougth to spend about two weeks here, but the warnings from the ministry of foreign affiars from Austria and Germany let us changing our plan. The only thing we where really missing is the ride through the huge salt lakes (which takes 2-3 days).

With Peru Hop we get from Puno (Peru) to La Paz (Boliva) which was a very unpleasant experience which I deccide to not translate it (you might look at our german blog (using a translation tool like google translate) if you like.

In La Paz, we stayed in a very good apartment hotel “Camino Real”, which obviously has an excellent restaurant, which is well frequented by locals (the restaurant was full at lunch time and most of the visitors were obviously locals). The food was excellent by the way!

Our flight was form La Laz to Iquique (Chile).