Hit the road …

Now it was time: We are on the wrong side (of the road) with a monster (Caravan, the first time we drive with something like this) on our journey.

It’s exciting to meet several driving challenges at once. Surprisingly, I have no problem staying on the right (oops, left of course) way. Also no problem with parking – thanks to reversing camera!

Only in the caravan itself we have massive space problem. There is not much storage space and everything is very, very poky.
The toilet / shower is about as big as in an airplane. When driving squeak and creaks everywhere – that is definitely annoying.

One bed is less than 1.5 meter (5 feet) width, the second one almost square with also only 5 feed on the longer side.

We are already sure: This was a one time experience. Never again! The idea of being more independent, flexible and affordable with a camper has already proved wrong.

The campsites are expensive (40-80 NZD per night) – compared with 100-150 NZD you get a room in hotels. The rental is at least 50-70 NZD more expensive compared with larger cars and the camper needs much more fuel – so there are almost no cost benefits! But hotels are mostly central and campsites are somewhere off.